About Us

Aamar Alsharq Alasriya Trading translated as Modern Eastern Development Trading (MEDT) had been established in July 2012 with an idea of exploring different business opportunities in Oman, GCC and Middle East. It is started as small business enterprise with a mind of growing to a larger business enterprise by adapting step by step approach. It is exploring both product and service segments with a focus of delivering high quality, unique and differentiated products and services that will serve our customer need with a target of exceeding their expectation to gain.

Management Team

Management team of Aamar Alsharq Alasriya will strive their best to learn from the customer feedback in order to improve the customer experience. As a customer of Aamar we encourage you to share with us your feeling of our products and services.

Modernization and Development

Development of Oman, GCC and Middle East is essential to our business. Aamar Alsharq Alasriya is proud of being among those Omani enterprises that is participating in the development of Oman with the guidance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

Aamar Alsharq Alasriya is there to drive the modern development from eastern region of Oman to all over Oman, GCC and Middle East. This modern development is driven from the east to sustain the eastern Arabian and Islamic culture while developing products and services.

Be Part of Our Success

We encourage our customer to keep in touch with our company to be updated with the latest news from our side regarding the new offered products and services. We also encourage our customers to be pat of our success and development by sharing with us their idea of any product or service development.

Our Vision

To enrich the life of people through Modernization and Development.

Our Mission

To be the best choice for modernized products and services in oman, GCC and Middle East.

Our Core Values
  • Commitment
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation